Who we are

Hello everyone!

It's Ester here, the founder of Holy Seeds.

New Zealand has been my home for the last 15 years but I am Italian born and bred. Overthere I earned a University Degree as 'Designer for Sustainability' while here I worked in Tourism for the last 10 years.
I have been into healthy and sustainable lifestyle for decades now and making my own - simple - skincare products has always been part of it but in the last few years I was struggling to find good organic products that were also affordable and that would tick all my expectations about sustainability, plastic reduction overall.
When Covid stroke it made necessary - and possible - turning a passion for health, beauty and sustainability into a start-up business. I took courses to learn the science behind formulating, deepened my knowledge about natural ingredients, designed the whole business identity and launched Holy Seeds in June 2022.

Our Mission is to deliver only plant-based, natural, high quality and effective skincare products which are at the same time affordable and environmentally sustainable.

We only use certified Ecocert/Cosmos ingredients, follow the good manufacturing industry practices, minimise the use of plastic packaging and use only vegan, and no-animal tested ingredients.

Our new customers are delighted to have fund us so I invites you to personally try any of our products for a life-skin changing experience!