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High quality, effective and affordable skincare

  • Natural ingredients

    In our products you will only find natural ingredients: plants oils and potent certified botanical extracts are the main ones; broad spectrum preservatives, antioxidants and PH regulators are approved by Ecocert and/or Cosmos (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard) which internationally sets certification requirements for organic and natural cosmetics.

  • Mostly Organic

    We use mostly Organic, Vegan and No-animal tested ingredients. We are not Certified Organic yet - it is a long and expensive process we commit to adhere in the near future - but we choose always the organic form of any ingredients unless it is very difficult to source in Nz.

  • Social and Environmental Sustainability

    We promote the Locally Harvested Policy which implies we use both many native Nz extracts and internationally sourced carrier oils and butters produced respecting nature and prioritizing indigenous enterprises, disadvantaged communities and local traditions.

  • Making a difference one jar at time

    We are highly environmentally conscious and that is why we have committed to a close to Zero-plastic packaging policy and we offer a return program for empty glass jars and bottles. Our suppliers are also chosen on the consideration of their sustainable practice and footprint.

Only Cosmo approved ingredients

Moisturisers & Lotion

Moisturisers & Lotion

The purpose of moisturising is not only to hydrate the skin providing...