Our commitments

Holy Seeds is a new collection of mostly organic, all-natural, handcrafted and vegan skincare products.

The range includes Moisturizers, Bio-active Cream, Cleansers, Serums, Body lotions, Deodorants and Balms for skin conditions. 

All products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness and are made primarily of natural plants oils, butters, waxes and extracts that will also be mostly Organic - when not, it will only depend on the impossibility to source organic form of some oils or butters.

To prevent microbial spoilage that would make the product unsafe for consumers we use only broad spectrum preservatives (effective against bacteria, mold and yeast), antioxidants and PH regulators all approved by Cosmos, the International body of standards for Organic and Natural cosmetics.

Environmental and Social Sustainability is at the core of our existence.

Holy Seeds mitigate the impact of our manufacturing process, especially by reducing packaging waste and choosing ONLY GLASS pots and bottles. These will be returned and reused. The very little plastic we will use (the lotion pumps) will be recollected and recycled.

We promote the Locally Harvested Policy, which implies we use many native oils and extracts, and we source our raw materials prioritising Nz producers and direct suppliers. When sourced overseas, we make sure to choose suppliers that have in place fair trade practices.

We donate to national Environmental Programmes and Organisations that work actively on reforestation, pest control, recycling etc.
Ex. Sustainable Coastline, Koanga Institute, Project Crimson, Kaipatiki Project

We foster relationships and collaboration with indigenous groups that work actively to protect the environment and the medicinal knowledge of the native flora.

If you have any questions or have any inquiries, please contact us here.